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Apex, Inc. was established in 1984 under the governance of a volunteer board of directors as a 501C3 corporation with a purpose to provide desirable employment and residential options for persons with significant mental and /or physical challenges.

Apex  provides employment to and serves individuals with developmental disabilities to provide opportunities to achieve independence and become fully participating members of our community and society

Apex, Inc. is located in Caddo County, in Anadarko, Oklahoma. Apex Inc and its sponsored 501C3 residential corporations (Oklahoma Elms, Anadarko Willows, and Anadarko Group Homes) have purchased or constructed accessible housing providing an array of affordable housing choices for forty-five persons with disabilities living in safe, attractive residences



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117 SE 1st Street = P.O. Box 804 = Anadarko, OK 73005
405-247-7377 = 405-247-3936 (FAX)


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